Let’s be genuine for a minute, referrals are a great way for us to grow our business. If you like our product, the chances your friends or your colleagues will like us is pretttttttty high. Or so we like to think. Plus, the more we grow, the more we can offer you.

Think big: audio, video, community platform, collabs, specialised briefings... the list goes on.

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**Guys, seriously?! We can see when you refer yourselves 😂

1. Blast the group chat (then single ‘em out)

Simpler times. via Giphy

Simpler times. via Giphy

Your Saturday night dance friends, your Monday night book club, your “bull-pen” chat, your fantasy football league, your “OMFG did you see that last episode of Euphoria?!” group chat. The list goes on.

Sometimes group chats can feel a bit like screaming into the void - until you make a spicy hot 🌶 take. So, here’s how to leverage your group chats for free swag.

You don’t need to try and sell your friends on us, but what you can DO is:

Now that we have their attention: hit ‘em with that referral link.